DIY Solar Panel Construction? Is it really possible?

by Solar Panel Construction Expert

Hey Marton here,

If you’re looking for the best way to construct solar panels, just like I was a few months ago, keep on reading, because I finally found THE method for it.

This is my uncensored solar panel construction story. The ups, the downs, what stuff didn’t work, and finally the method that did help me achieve my goal of constructing my own solar panels at home.

This is the method I used, check out the video, then read my story:

Go to now, or read my story below!

To tell you truth I had to do quite a lot of research before I found the technique that satisfied my needs completely. I’ve just bought my first house, and I found out that a solar panel installation from a retailer costs well over $15,000, so that was out of the question, since I barely had enough money for my house.

I read somewhere that you can now construct your own solar panels at home, and I wanted to find out whether it was true. I researched a bit on the internet, but unfortunately my findings were quite mixed. Some people claimed to have had great results with it, but many found it impossible or not worth it.

7 out of 9 products are garbage!

So I had to dig a little deeper and try out some of the methods myself. I think all together I bought 9 products (books/manuals/dvds) that claimed to teach complete DIY solar panel construction. Well, I wasn’t that surprised (knowing that most internet products are unworthy)  when I found out that 7 of those were complete junk. I couldn’t believe how some people don’t care at all that they’re selling crap to people…

The one that seems to work

Luckily two of the products did provide value for money, and I think one of them contains all the information you need for constructing your own solar panels at home, even if you’re a complete beginner and know nothing about solar power and energy. It’s also a complete DIY product and you don’t have to be a builder in order to do it. If you want to check out the official site of the product, click here.

What I liked about this product that is it teaches you the basics you need to know before getting started. Part 1 is an introduction to solar energy which explains how it is generated, and everything we need to know about it in order to maximize our savings. Part 2 will teach you how to build the panels in an easy to follow manner with detailed plans complete with pictures and diagrams. Part 3 will help you determine how many solar panels you will need if you want to live without having to pay for electricity at all.

It also contains a fully illustrated guide to installing and mounting your panels. There is also a part about making a wind turbine for under $150. To tell you truth during my research I found out that they’re not that effective and they’re a little harder to build, so I haven’t built one myself. But I’ve heard they do produce some energy (especially if you build more) and can be a nice decoration to your garden.

My results with it

I started my solar panel construction journey by using the calculator (included in the package) to find out how many panels I will need to cover my energy consumption. Then I went to buy all the things necessary to build my solar cells. Where can you find parts? Easy: everywhere! The manual also explains what kind of stores you should go to in order to find the parts. I could even get everything in Hungary, even though solar panels are not that common here.

So how much did everything cost?

So after figuring out how big my panels should be (using the calculator), I bought all the materials and all together they cost me 210$ (after converting from our currency). I also had to buy some wires, an inverter, and a meter to record the energy generated. These cost me an additional $170. But the good news is that you can connect any number of panels to these, so you won’t ever need to buy more of these.

Small solar panels

As you can see on the picture above, a solar panel consists of smaller panels, so that’s how we’ll be building them. Because of this, you can make your panels in any size. You can also make smaller portable panels with this (it’s also covered in the guide), although I haven’t tried that yet.

Although I wanted to build my solar panels in two days (that’s what the guide recommends), I actually finished it in one day (about 12 hours) because it was so interesting that I couldn’t stop:). The next day I installed all four of my panels which took me another 5-6 hours. So I spent $380 all together (that means 4 panels and everything else needed to get the energy flowing) and worked for two days to get my system online.

After that I started to think about why do solar panel installations (from retailers) cost 15 times as much? And I realized it’s because they can get away with it! Few people know that you can easily build your own solar panels (once you know how) at home for a portion of the price. I had to do a lot of research myself to find a reliable method. The other reason is that people are probably afraid to start building things for themselves. They are afraid they might mess it up.

Before this I couldn’t even put my cupboard together, I had to have someone install it for me. But the guide explained everything in a very easy to follow manner and I felt like a professional builder after this:).

Further advantages

Another advantage of having pv cells on my roof is that the value of my house increased by thousands! If I ever decide to sell my house, I’ll be able to do that for a much higher price!

But I still haven’t told you the best thing about it. My neighbor came to check out my new solar panels, and he asked me how much it cost me. When I told him that I built it myself for less than $500, he asked me if I could construct solar panels for him too. We agreed on $1000, and I built it for him in one weekend. That’s $500 in two days! Not bad… Although you could probably ask for more, since it’s worth much more.

Since then, I built solar panels for five families in the street, imagine the possibilities…

So if you’re really interested in solar panel construction, go to the official site of the product by clicking here. You could also get it as a present for someone, I’m sure they would love it.

All the best & good luck with it,